The “Who’s Your Daddy Truck” was in Baltimore today

Yes such a thing exists…

So this is normal in 2013. A private company can drive around major cities in a gaudy looking truck with an ignorant slogan plastered on it and make a profit off of the services they offer. There are that many people out there who are curious about who their real fathers are that this type of business appears to be expanding into new cities. We live in a society where it has become common to say “it takes a village to raise a child”. No it does not. I don’t want to pay for your darn kid anymore just because you slept with so many men that you have no idea who the father is. I don’t want to pay for your kid just because the father is a pig who does not have the balls to stick around and raise his offspring. Kids need ADULT PARENTS. If one is an adult then that person can take care of his or her own self and his or her own offspring. After a certain point age has little to do with it. Stop relying on ‘the village” to take care of what you produced. Take some responsibility for your actions. Until the statist underclass starts to live like decent humans again, companies like the “Who’s Your Daddy Truck” will be successful and profit off of irresponsibility.

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