Recent violence in Baltimore is not an excuse to clamp down on guns and worship the government

Excuses excuses! Too many guns, too many drugs, too much poverty, not enough rec centers. You have heard it all before. This week you are hearing it all again because Baltimore has experienced yet another embarrassing spike in violence.  Guess what? There are some people who are not nice even if their mothers cry and scream that they were once they are dead. Some people are raised with absolutely no morals or understanding of responsibility or consequences. People need to realize that society and inanimate objects are not to blame for people’s violent tendencies. Fault lies within the individual. Once chooses their own path in life.

We do not need more restrictions on guns. We do not need the state to interfere in more aspects of our lives. The more state worship we subscribe to the more this is going to happen.

Take responsibility and stop relying on the government for everything. Google Doug Casey.

About Adam Meister

Baltimore politics. The views of Adam Meister.
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