Cut the salaries at the Baltimore Bureau of Water & Wastewater instead of raising our water bills

Many of us have faced the bureaucratic nightmare that an incorrect water bill produces. It seems like there must not be many workers at the Bureau of Water & Wastewater since it takes quite a while to straighten out the incorrect bill (most of the time it is not corrected at all).  The Baltimore Sun Baltimore city employee database reveals that as of 2007 (the last year they have information for) the Bureau of Water & Wastewater employed 1,628 people and paid them a grand total of $62,896,403! One can only imagine how much more they are paid now. 34% of these USELESS bureaucratic leeches do not even live in Baltimore.

The city plans to hike our rates AGAIN so they can raise $40million that will go toward mysterious and ambiguous infrastructure needs yet they will still screw up our water bills despite the 1,628 leeches they have working to “serve” us.

I think we should cut the leeches salaries by $40million or maybe fire two thirds of their useless butts and they can figure out how to meet payroll with “only” $22,896,403.

Our government is criminal.

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2 Responses to Cut the salaries at the Baltimore Bureau of Water & Wastewater instead of raising our water bills

  1. More recent salary data (the past two years) can be found on the cities own Open Data web site…

    If you filter that by DPW-Water you get about 1500 employees, making a total of $67,129,382.18 per year from as much as $118,919.92 to as little as $1,195.11 in 2012.

  2. Joe Cimino says:

    Could not agree more. However as you know with low turnout comes incumbent re-election. These people have an interest in seeing to it that there is no change or reform. Baltimore has roughly 15,000 employees and when you add in the votes of Baltimore’s criminal constituency who also don’t want things to change, you have the successful recipe for our current corrupt, bloated government.

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