Section 8 nightmare

The following did not take place in Baltimore, but anyone who has lived near a Section 8 tenant is familiar with such behavior. Not only are the tenants usually disasters, but the bureaucracy involved can be not worth it on its own. Reservoir Hill has way too many of these scams. You can literally hear the tenants a block away. Telltale signs of a Section 8 neighbors are people coming and going from the building at all hours, windows left wide open during the winter because they blast their free heat, drug activity emanating from many units, and unruly individuals hanging out on the front steps of the building throughout the day and night. These people (usually women are only on the lease, but they left their multiple boyfriends comes and go as they please and live their for free) are truly infants that have never grown up since the government still wipes their butts for them. The Government needs to get out of the housing business.

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Baltimore politics. The views of Adam Meister.
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