Zach Sowers five years later

Below are excerpts from an email I received from Anna Cheng yesterday:

“June 1 (tomorrow) marks the 5-year anniversary of Zach’s brutal attack in front of our Baltimore City home. As you know, he spent a great deal of time at Johns Hopkins during his 9 months in a coma. Hopkins treated him, and all of his friends and family, with amazing care. We will never forget how wonderful everyone at Hopkins was to us during that time. And to memorialize Zach’s name on this 5-year anniversary, his mother, 2 sisters and brother in law are running the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon to raise money for the Zach Sowers Brain Trauma Research Fund at Johns Hopkins — dedicated to provide money for laboratory and clinical research of brain trauma as well as continuing education for the medical/nursing staff in the Hopkins Neuro Critical Care Unit, which saved Zach’s life on June 1, 2007.

We would love your support in honoring Zach in this manner. Information about the marathon and how to donate can be found at, where you can read the April 27 entry or click “How Can I Help?” at the top.”

Anna is well on her way to becoming a lawyer!

Although I do not like to end my posts on negatives notes, I have to end this one with the following unpleasant tidbit. Hopefully we can all learn something from this and make a change in Baltimore.

“The first of Zach’s 4 attackers is scheduled to be released within the next 30 days. He’s served 5 years of his 8 year sentence. The other 2 offenders will probably follow suit since 3 were sentenced to 8 years, and the last offender sentenced to 40.”

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1 Response to Zach Sowers five years later

  1. jan says:

    and you can bet, they will commit more crimes. They learned alot more in jail. They will be worse than ever. I hope and pray that is not the case, but we all know how the stories go.

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