The revolving door of Baltimore crime

I just received this email:

“On 02/28/2012, City Circuit Court Judge Paul A Smith suspended a ten (10) year sentence for defendant KEVIN QUINN WHITTINGTON (DOB: 05/17/1968) after the defendant pleaded guilty to drug charges–case 111151023.  The defendant has a long record of arrest and lists his address as 831 Washington Blvd, Baltimore MD 21230 in Pigtown.

Just four months later, on June the 6th 2012, Police arrested, Kevin Whitting, for 1st degree murder–case 4B02165265.  Judge Paul A Smith sent the defendant to drug treatment after suspending the ten-year sentence on the drug charges.

Here is more info:

On May 28th, officers responded to a residence in the 1200 block of Woodbourne Ave. for a cutting.  The victim, 47 year old Ettice Jones was found on the floor of the basement suffering from multiple stab wounds to her body.  Police have charged 44 year old Kevin Whittington for her murder.  Whittington was arrested June 6th.”

What the heck is going on in Baltimore?

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