What the heck is going on in Baltimore? We need to address, confront, and dissect the anarchy.

The Baltimore crime problem can seem surreal at times. Many residents have become so used to it that they just take certain things for granted. Mindless juries fueled by ignorance and complacency are an accepted part of city life. Law abiding citizens fear the possibility of being tried by a Baltimore City jury. Many of these same citizens do everything they can to not serve on a jury where they could make a big difference. Politicians who lie about where they live, carry concealed weapons regular peasants like you and I could never carry in Baltimore, and who serve only themselves and tax exempt politically connected developers dominate political culture and are accepted as normal.  Sheila Dixon was recently roasted for “her accomplishments” by a happy joke filled crowd. The Sheila Dixons of the world are CELEBRATED in Baltimore and they get to keep their pensions too!

On St. Patrick’s day true anarchy took hold of parts of downtown Baltimore for a brief period of time. Young people from the East and West sides of Baltimore planned to confront each other (arranged by social media) downtown. People on Twitter reported seeing a “riot” break out. There was at least a stabbing and one driver of a van was allegedly attacked by part of a mob. We later saw the infamous guy in his underwear get punched in the face, groped, and robbed in this video that was filmed around that same time and place on St. Patrick’s day.

You probably did not know about the full extent of the events of St. Patrick’s day. I bet fewer of you know about the “Dunn case” where two Pigtown girls were hit by a car which tossed them 40 feet. They were left for dead. The woman in the car was given a suspended sentence and the man who was suspected to be driving walked away totally free. They both admitted to being in the car, but were not charged for not rendering aid.

Eventually something has to break here. Dan Cosgrove of the Washington Village Development Association (WVDA) feels that in Baltimore there is a “Criminal Class” and he has made a movie about it that will come out soon. Yes this is not a politically correct term and at first glance it appears harsh, but somebody has to be harsh here! St. Patrick’s day riots are VERY harsh, kids getting hit by a car and being left for dead on MLK is VERY harsh, joking around with a mayor who was kicked out of office like it’s the in thing to do is pretty darn harsh. If anarchy gets to be harsh then those who want to expose anarchy have every right to be verbally harsh and abrasive so people finally wake up and stop accepting these travesties as part of normal Baltimore life.

Here is a preview of Dan’s movie:

Dan was interviewed here.

I will leave you with a quote from the Urbanite which completely contradicts the bureaucratic nightmare that home owners and business owners have to deal with in Baltimore. Baltimore bureaucrats (many of whom do not even live in Baltimore or Maryland) seem to get a kick out of stomping on creativity and limiting small business. Have you ever had to deal with a housing inspector or the person who fines you $50 because somebody else’s trash blew into your yard? Do you think the developers (and the city) who hold on to prime blocks for years and years get harassed by the “I hate my job so I will take it out on you” inspectors for their completely ruined and dangerous properties that they have not spent a penny on, but get to receive millions of dollars worth of tax breaks for (with the blessings of the unelected and unaccountable BDC)? We need to get rid of the bureaucrats (and their tyranny) and the lawlessness and stop accepting anarchy as normal! Vote and do not avoid jury duty!

“But even if he can’t anticipate exactly what will work, West seems optimistic that something will. And whoever comes up with it will probably live in a city. “The great thing about cities is you can basically do anything—that’s their strength,” he says. “The sustainability of cities comes from this opening up, this embracing of diversity. Cities allow homeless and crazy people to walk around the streets. They allow people to do all sorts of creative and strange things. Corporations”—the latest study subject for West and company—”don’t tolerate those differences. And they die because of it.”

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4 Responses to What the heck is going on in Baltimore? We need to address, confront, and dissect the anarchy.

  1. leslie says:

    I heard about the couple getting off for running down the girls on MLK. it’s a tragedy. they both should get punished if the woman’s story is accurate and they switched seats b/c he would have gotten a harsher penalty. i can’t believe the jury let them off, it’s insane.

  2. AskMe says:

    “joking around with a mayor who was kicked out of office like it’s the in thing to do is pretty darn harsh” —–well at least that major kept the crime down, unlike SRB

  3. fhr says:

    “Law abiding citizens fear the possibility of being tried by a Baltimore City jury.” So true.

  4. aaron wilkes says:

    why dont you come on out and say it what you really mean you dont want blacks in baltimore trying you stop being a phony liberal and be the racist that we all know you are adam meister

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