Internet outreach in the seventh district of Baltimore

I have been a part of 7th district politics ever since former Councilwoman Belinda Conaway frivolously sued me for millions of dollars in May of 2011. I live in the 7th district (a few blocks away from Councilman Nick Mosby) so 7th district politics is as local as it gets for me.

The former councilwoman claimed to have a quarterly newsletter (she mentioned this in her campaign propaganda). I found one edition of this basic newsletter online.

Today over email I received something called “SEVENth District Magazine“.  As you can see it is a professional looking quarterly 7th district update. I do not know of another member of Baltimore’s city council who has an Internet outreach tool like this one. I do know that some members send out various types of email updates, but this one appears to be on another level. The number of voters who expect Internet updates from their local leaders is growing so I think this is a great move.  It turns out that this is not only an internet publication. I have been informed that print versions are also being distributed to constituents.

Have a great weekend!

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