Bring Trader Joe’s to the Rotunda!

By now you have probably heard about the Rotunda Giant moving to another location in Hampden. The Mobtown Shank has a great article about this subject here. The old Giant got out of its Rotunda lease and arranged a deal where the Rotunda would not put in a direct competitor to Giant in the empty Giant store. This means no large modern traditional item supermarket like Safeway or Super Fresh. From what I can tell this means that a Trader Joe’s would be fine. The space is perfect (it is not large) for a Trader Joe’s and the surrounding area’s demographics are also desirable. You can send a formal request for Trader Joe’s to place a store at the Rotunda by clicking here and filling out the request form.  There is also a Bring Trader Joe’s to the Rotunda in Baltimore Facebook page you should “like”.

The other businesses in the Rotunda would greatly benefit from the influx of people that a Trader Joe’s would bring to the Rotunda. If nothing is brought in to replace the Giant then Rotunda businesses are going to be seriously hurt.

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