Development News: Baltimore Haunt to open at Oldtown Mall in 2016

In 2014 we learned that a group of people had purchased an old warehouse in Old Town Mall with the intention of turning it into a “haunted house” for Halloween season. There was a Kickstarter campaign and then we did not hear much. There was a press release in September that local media seemed to ignore and it appears the group behind the haunted house (Engineered Fear Productions) is behind on updating its homepage, Twitter feed, and Facebook page. Today I received the following email. Good luck to all:

“Engineered Fear Productions’ Baltimore Haunt:
December Update
We know we’ve been a bit silent since the Kickstarter campaign ended earlier this year, but we have some great news: We’re funded and will open October 2016!

We received funding for the Baltimore Haunt in September and have made strides in renovations to the old Kaufman’s Furniture store building in Old Town Mall, starting with electrical wiring. Power will be fully restored to the 4-story, 40,000-square-foot space in January 2016.
Once the wiring is complete, the next step will be framing the space and installing proper plumbing. The building has been sitting vacant since Kaufman’s shut its doors in 1997, but it still holds a sense of charm and character that we plan to keep intact through the renovations and incorporate into the haunt’s story line. ” is your source for Baltimore election news.

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