Connor Meek is running for mayor of Baltimore

Sometimes I wonder about the research that mainstream Baltimore media organizations undertake. Do they research stories or do they just repeat each other? Over the last week or so they keep mentioning the candidates for mayor and which of those candidates have officially filed to run. They all keep repeating the same story. How often do they check the official (updated just about every day) board of elections link?

Today that link provided some interesting news.  Connor Meek is attempting to run for mayor as an unaffiliated candidate in the general election in November of 2016. In order for him to be listed on the ballot he has to round up a certain number of signatures of registered city voters. Connor is the guy who was mugged on a bike path and then found out that Baltimore police stations are closed for long periods of time. You can read about his experience here. here, and here.

I encourage every registered city voter to sign his petition to run if you have an opportunity to. At the very least an unaffiliated candidate on the general election ballot will cause some irritation for the Democrat that thinks he or she is guaranteed the spot (which he or she is because most voters in Baltimore are government worshiping tools that can be bought and sold for cheap).

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