The ignorant Baltimore media

I had some time to read when I was on a plane on Saturday. First off the maturity level of the City Paper is questionable at best. Calling a politician names can be fun of course, but calling him names and making a pig/sort of racist looking cartoon out of him (and plastering it on your cover) right after he announces he has a serious case of cancer (that I think he and others are downplaying) is pretty classless. But whatever… they can do what they want even if it is in bad taste. The worst part was this quote:

“Hogan was elected in a surprise, beating out Anthony Brown and upstart Heather Mizeur”

How did he beat Heather Mizeur? She was not an official write-in candidate and thus got zero official votes in the general election.

Did Obama beat Ron Paul? What would you think of a Ron Paul zealot who wrote an article and mentioned how Obama beat Ron Paul? Would you take the article or writer seriously?

Then I read something that was not as bad and probably can be interpreted as being technically correct, but it is misleading and serves no point other than limiting electoral options (all media sources should be trying to do the opposite):

“Some have criticized the Rawlings-Blake administration for its handling of the rioting and recent violence across Baltimore, including her opponent in the coming Democratic primary election, former Mayor Sheila Dixon.”

Her opponent? Her only opponent? One of her opponents? Is no other candidate to be taken seriously now that Dixon is in the race? Does the Sun think no other person will run? Does the Sun think that no other candidate disagrees with the handling of the riot and violence? Dixon must have loved that one! If the Sun plans on giving Dixon a free pass to number one contender status then those directing the ship at the Sun are lazy and pathetic.

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