Questionable associates of the Conaway family have been given jobs at the Baltimore City Register of Wills Office

I flesh everything out in this video:

Excerpts from email that were sent to me:
“I’m sure things will break down fast… no one knows what they’re doing and the people that actually cared about their job are gone.

I can’t verify his relationship with her – it’s just a rumor – but her name is Valerie L. Cunningham.
Lonnia Green-Sanders is supposedly Belinda’s cousin.
Barbara L. Kelly is an aunt-in-law. Wife to her mother’s brother I believe.
You already know about Hassan Giordano.
Kenneth Lorick is supposedly an uncle.
Emily Lewis is someone I don’t know anything about but seems to be close with Valerie and Lonnia.
And I already told you about Shanai Dunmore and Kevin Parson. (Kevin W. Parson) (Shanai N. Dunmore) – listed by US Marshals Service – search DUNMORE, SHANAI

…Therein lies the problem – no one cares… to have a person as chief deputy who can act as the register in her absence – for that person to have a history with drug dealers and money laundering having the final say in the amount of estate taxes paid, fees due, etc. is a huge issue. For an elected official to hire such people and give them those rights and privileges is nothing short of a blatant disregard for the citizens of Baltimore City.
Belinda – who has no probate experience, no tax law experience, no familiarity with Maryland code – somehow gets elected to oversee Baltimore City estates? And the people she hires to hold the position in her absence have just as much experience in the field of work? None…”

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2 Responses to Questionable associates of the Conaway family have been given jobs at the Baltimore City Register of Wills Office

  1. Emily Tilghman says:

    Baltimore City residents needs to wake up….
    Ms Conaway came in did not want to know the job. ..Did not want to know what the office was doing” was told to people I do not need your services anymore. …” So why did people do a good job and because someone did not like you or you did not give to campaign you are gone…..Now people who gave to campaign and can not do the work is still there….To have hanging over your head “You work at my pleasure” ” I do not have no boss the people elected me….Well people of Baltimore…. there are evil people with power is in charge…Until Annapolis put some laws down it is going to be like that for everyone……I can see bringing top people they are making top monies…But the lower grades are @ base pay and doing the work..(they @the pleasure of)..someone needs to come in and see the work load some office have and others are finish by 10 am………..

  2. aaron wilkes says:

    why adam you are jealous that belinda didnt give you or your uncle tom friends a job

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