Frank Conaway Jr. is a youth pastor in Woodlawn?

The disturbing Frank Conaway videos have been getting the attention of local activists and mainstream media members, but some insights have yet to be mentioned anywhere. There was information that the original videos provided that lead me to an interesting discovery.

This site says that Frank Conaway Jr. is a youth pastor. The listed physical location is a house in Woodlawn which is located in Baltimore County. Members of the House of Delegates representing Baltimore City are supposed to live in Baltimore City. Many of you probably remember when Frank’s sister was confused about where she lived.

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3 Responses to Frank Conaway Jr. is a youth pastor in Woodlawn?

  1. aaron wilkes says:

    still mad that the conaways kicked your lilly white ass in june

  2. aaron wilkes says:

    maybe you are the one who is a loon how about that adam

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