The first Maryland gubernatorial debate

Did you miss Tuesday’s Maryland gubernatorial debate? You can watch it here.

Brown kept calling Hogan “Larry”. This was clearly done on purpose. Who would want some boob named “Larry” to be governor of Maryland?  When you hear the name “Larry” you do not think governor.

Brown also liked to point out how he agreed with Hogan on certain issues. This was also a strategic move.  There are many undecided voters out there who feel that Hogan does bring some economic skill to the table that Brown does not. When Brown points out his agreement with Hogan he is trying to reassure the undecided voters by showing that he is just as competent on the issues they may not trust Brown on since he in fact shares the same views as Hogan. If they are just as competent on certain issues then the voter should judge Brown on “his issues”.  This type of mind game probably works on some voters.

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