Bill Cole, the BDC, and the Superblock

The future mayor of Baltimore was selected by the current mayor of Baltimore to head the Baltimore Development Corporation. I do not think we need a BDC, but it exists and it needs a leader. Bill Cole is definitely the type of person to head such an organization. It seems like everyone out there is pleasantly surprised that the Mayor selected a competent individual from Baltimore to head the organization. Baltimore is so used to political appointees being bumbling do-nothing bureaucrats with friends in high places that when a qualified person is actually named head of a government-type organization it is a celebratory event! Even if Cole flops at least he is being paid less than his incompetent predecessor. In Baltimore we are used to replacements being paid more than their predecessors no matter what their qualifications are.

The legendary Westside Superblock is still as desolate as it was in 1999.  The Superblock is one of the first projects that comes to mind when one thinks about the BDC. If Cole can somehow manage to take the Superblock from languishing concept to glorious reality then he will have accomplished something that three mayors and numerous bureaucrats have miserably failed at. Such an accomplishment would be the crown jewel of an unstoppable well financed campaign for political office. This will get interesting. 

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