The Baltimore pay to play epidemic and Sheriff John Anderson

I am in a rush so this is just an expansion of a comment I left on the Baltimore Brew’s site. Make sure you read my post from 2010 about the useless Baltimore Sheriff’s Office.

Why is anyone shocked (by this)? This has been common practice for years. Almost every single developer gives money to politicians. They do so because they expect to be paid back. I know Baltimore Brew gets its kicks from “brewing” class warfare, but the local poverty pimps in charge of so-called foundations and charity groups that get most of their funds from the tax payers, also make donations to politicians because they expect to be paid back (and thus continue to make $80k a year as a complaining poverty pimp). Just this week Van Smith clearly documents how do-nothing Sheriff Anderson gets political donations from 60% of his useless 192 person staff!!!!  Yes his office has 192 people in it and you better believe that AT LEAST 60% of them do nothing all day at “work”. Give my campaign some money and you get to keep your useless job.

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