City audit related hearing at City Hall on Thursday

In 2012 “The Park Advocate” Chris Delaporte tried to get the city of Baltimore to audit its departments. It was a logical and simple idea that could have easily been implemented. Since it made sense and this is Baltimore it never became a full reality. Chris Delaporte has not given up and he wants me to tell all of you that on Thursday you can attend a hearing dealing with auditing Baltimore:

“The Taxation, Finance and Economic Development Committee will meet on Thursday, December 12, 2013 in the City Council Chambers, 4th Floor, City Hall, at the times listed below to consider the following legislation:

10:00 a.m. CC 12-0151 – City Audits Commission

10:15 a.m. CC 12-0174 – Agency Audits Online

You are invited to attend the hearings.”

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Baltimore politics. The views of Adam Meister.
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