Doug Gansler’s free ice cream

On Sunday I noticed a flyer that was left on my front door. It was a Doug Gansler political announcement. Doug Gansler is kicking off the Baltimore leg of his campaign for governor in Reservoir Hill on Tuesday evening. His campaign site mentions it here and you can check out the Facebook event page here.  The flyer is hilarious and shows how mindless most potential voters are. This is what it says (it does not have an authority line on it):


It goes on to give the time and location and then…

FREE ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!

Yes free ice cream followed by ten exclamation points. Gansler’s campaign correctly assumes that it can get votes by giving away stuff.  The Gansler campaign’s free stuff is not as good as the Brown campaign’s free stuff. Brown (through O’Malley) has been giving the mindless voters all sorts free things for seven years. In the old days people actually had to earn money and then purchase goods, but these days you can get just about everything from the Government. Gansler is the attorney general so he can make it seem like he is responsible for some of those free things, but Brown has a higher position (and more campaign funds that will be able to purchase campaign goodies that far surpass ice cream) that will easily allow him to show the people that he is the commander of the free sh!t army in this state!

I think Gansler understands that it will be hard for him to beat a black a man who is giving out better free stuff than him in black majority communities so he may have to drop a nuke into the game and give the do-nothing Baltimore City comptroller Joan Pratt the Lieutenant Governor spot on his ticket. This woman has literally lead Baltimore down the road of near bankruptcy yet just because she said a few Anti-Rawlings-Blake comments (and Anti-Rawlings-Blake translates to Anti-Brown/O’Malley) that have gotten her name into the news she has earned a promotion in the eyes of those in the political game.

In 2014 when you go to the polls remember that most people are not picking the smartest or best leader, they are picking the person who gave them the best ice cream or the person who looks most like them. When the people care more about ice cream and race you end up with the unsustainable situation that many parts of the country are in today. The freebies will not last forever….

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