Rob LaPin and the 2014 race in the 40th District

Some say the 40th District house of delegates race is going to be insane. Since the 44th district has shrunk (inside of Baltimore City)  there may be four incumbents along with some experienced political veterans running for three seats in the 40th district race in 2014. When I know more specifics I will post them. The first candidate in this potentially very crowded race to publicly reach out to me and send me a press release is newcomer Rob LaPin. His press release is below:

Former Baltimore City Teacher, Rob “Bobby” LaPin, Declares Candidacy for the Maryland House of Delegates Representing the 40th District

Baltimore, MD, July 31, 2013 – Rob “Bobby” LaPin, a former Baltimore City Teacher and U.S. Army Veteran, became the first Democrat in the new 40th District to officially file his candidacy for the Maryland House of Delegates with the State Board of Elections. The filing comes six-weeks after his June 15th district announcement to friends, family and supporters. After the 2012 redistricting, the new 40th district is comprised of Violetville, Pigtown, Hampden, Bolton Hill, Ashburton and all other areas in-between.

In 2008, LaPin promised his students at Walbrook High School that one day they would build a better Baltimore together – increasing hope and opportunity for future generations.  “Every child,” LaPin stated at the June 15th district announcement, “regardless of their zip code, deserves a great and equal education.”   LaPin added that since a decreasing number of Baltimore high school graduates are obtaining college degrees and the city is experiencing a spike in violence, “There is no better time to fulfill my promise than right now.”

On August 9th, LaPin and his supporters are launching a fundraising project for a Maryland based campaign. The project, the first-of-it’s-kind in Maryland, will be publicly announced on August 8th, and intends to bridge technology and political capital to advance community involvement and financing.  

LaPin is an independent security consultant for various federal agencies, a former Counterintelligence Special Agent for the U.S. Army, and taught in Baltimore’s Homeland Security Academy (Walbrook) and Baltimore Talent Development. For the latter, LaPin received the Reginald F. Lewis Outstanding Teacher Award and recognition from Delegate Nathaniel Oaks of Baltimore City, Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke and former Mayor Sheila Dixon. He lives in the South Baltimore neighborhood of Ridgely’s Delight where he serves his community as a Board Member and Public Safety Coordinator.  He is also the founder of the South Baltimore Crime Task Force, an organization comprised of many civic organizations to deter crime in South Baltimore, and the Camden Business Association.  LaPin is a children’s advocate, the founder of an international nonprofit and participates in several nonprofit organizations in Baltimore.  Born in Baltimore, LaPin attended both public and private schools, graduated from Towson University with a degree in Political Science and is a member of Saint Benedict Church on Wilkens Avenue.  

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