Listen to James MacArthur on the Steiner Show

You may not like everything that James MacArthur (the Baltimore Spectator) has to say, but you have to admit that his interviews can be very entertaining. MacArthur was interviewed on the Marc Steiner Show yesterday and you can listen to the segment here.

A few of you have probably noticed that I am not posting as much as I used to. I am basically tired of Baltimore politics. The entire local bureaucratic system is a wasteful nightmare that only the most corrupt statist lackey could enjoy. The leader-worship in this city is sickening and it creeps into every aspect of life since many people in Baltimore rely on the government to take care of them in some way. Baltimore is where individual productivity goes to die. If you want a real life example of what has been frustrating me check out this Baltimore Brew article. Our leaders can not run a water authority properly and year after year they have increased the WATER TAX and year after year we get more and more incorrect water bills yet citizens basically have city of Baltimore guns to their heads and can do nothing about the situation or risk having the city steal their homes. Last year we were told that rates would not go up this much, but suddenly they figure out that they are so inefficient they need more of our money to enrich themselves. If you are part of this corrupt system then I hate you. The greed of the statist leeches of Baltimore knows no bounds.

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1 Response to Listen to James MacArthur on the Steiner Show

  1. Joe Cimino says:

    Sickening, sad and completely true. What really makes me wonder is the fact that the Feds, local media or whomever have done no substantive investigations. Criminal constituency, criminal leadership I guess.

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