Johns Hopkins distances itself from Ben Carson and welcomes Jeremiah Wright

The mainstream media is having a field day with Dr. Ben Carson. In a city where “former” drug dealers are lionized by all sorts of media members (who live in the county), an accomplished brain surgeon and a desperately needed role model for inner city youth is clearly a hateful idiot whose past accomplishments should not save him from the wrath of the frenzied media. You may strongly disagree with Carson’s comments, but portraying this man as some sort of mindless nut in a city filled with truly moronic (and extremely violent) individuals who have no value for life is taking things to a surreal level of political correctness.

The biggest hypocrite amongst all the Carson haters is Johns Hopkins. The Hopkins monolith does not tolerate bad press and it will do just about anything to avoid it or cover it up from within. It is not a shock that Hopkins has not tossed a life preserver toward the sinking Carson. When one takes a few steps back and looks at the bigger picture the institutional bias that trickles through Hopkins has been revealed by how they handled Dr. Carson compared to how they welcomed the so-called “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright. You did not know that Johns Hopkins invited Jeremiah Wright to speak within its sacred walls on February 16. 2013?

See the PDF flyer here.

“The Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute is hosting a panel discussion, Transforming Urban Communities: Building Equity and Equality, featuring Reverend Dr. Jeremiah Wright. The event will take place Saturday, February 16, 2013 from 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm in Sommer Auditorium, located in the Bloomberg School of Public Health. The discussion will include political, community, and Johns Hopkins leaders. The event is free but space is limited.

To RSVP visit or call 443-287-2708. “

Wright was also the honored guest at the church where Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and former Mayor Kurt Schmoke belong.

So we have a city filled with all sorts of insane social ills and danger where a brain surgeon is destroyed by the media and the prevailing establishment institutions for his controversial comments while a so-called “Reverend” with a long history of controversial comments and sermons is welcomed, honored, and celebrated by Johns Hopkins and all sorts of political players. Is it any wonder why Baltimore is in the shape that it is in?  Don’t worry though it must be the right wingers’ fault even though this is a one party city.  If we bring up non-Democrats enough and blame them for everything I am sure this will solve everything. It has been working quite well for Baltimore since about 1968 or so.

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2 Responses to Johns Hopkins distances itself from Ben Carson and welcomes Jeremiah Wright

  1. Kevin Wright says:

    Baltimore is a total disgrace.How you can embrace that idiot Wright and not admire and promote the accomplshments of Dr Carson is deserving of a city in the gutter.I am ashamed to say i live in the state.

  2. Jon says:

    It’s really America. Anyone who takes a godly stance against the disease of homosexuality is a “nut.” Forget about the 1 percent of perverted men involved in homosexuality, but a gifted physician is a “nut” if he doesn’t bow down to this abomination.

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