Liquor license renewal protest in Mount Vernon

Through the years I have written about problem liquor establishments in Baltimore. Usually these establishments are liquor stores located in rough areas or they are clubs where outrageous violence has emanated from. A few months ago I was told about a problem liquor establishment that is different from the ones I usually write about. In the middle of Mount Vernon on Charles street there is an establishment called “Museum”…

In an email I was told by a Mount Vernon resident the following information:

“They have a class B restaurant liquor license. NOT an entertainment license. However, they have DJ, DJ promoter groups hosting nights there, bands have played there, and they have a dance floor, and the music is SO loud..the bass booms through my entire apartment because they turn it up so much ..their “state of the art sound system” as they have advertised.”

Museum is clearly clashing with more than a few residents in Mount Vernon. There is an online petition circulating that you can read here. The first comment left on the petition was quite interesting:

“I lived at 922 N. Charles Street for 13 years! Six months of living a nightmare next door to this place, after it opened, I was forced to move because the music, bass, and crowds were so loud and disruptive, I could no longer live peacefully in my home. Nor did I feel safe due to the operators of this establishment, who kept a Bull Mastiff guarding the building 24/7, along with the chaos and drug exchanges by the clientele taking place at my front door.”

The 11/10/2012 Yelp comments is pretty hilarious.

So is Museum a bar, a restaurant, an East Baltimore style club, or some combination of all three? It appears the liquor board will decide if they are operating the way their liquor license permits them to. Stay tuned…

Edit: I have been told that the Mount Vernon-Belvedere Association will be filing an official liquor license renewal protest soon.

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