Thoughts on gentrification from the New York Times

Sometimes the comment sections of articles can be better than the articles. I found the following comments left below this New York Times article.  May it happen soon in Reservoir Hill!

“You know a neighborhood’s done a 180-turn when the liquor store takes down the bullet-proof glass and starts selling more bottles of wine than half-pints of rotgut. Happened four years ago around the corner from me.”

“I moved to the south slope 15 years ago, and find the majority of comments that disparage ‘gentrification’ to be completely off the mark. The first place I lived, the townhouse next door was owned by a woman whose kids were part of a gang that would routinely harass people on the block and would tag the area buildings to establish their drug dealing turf. Do you think it was bad for the block when she sold and moved her brood of miscreants to Staten Island? Nearby, there was an open air heroin market, with junkies drifting around looking for cars and apartments to burglarize. Do you think it was bad for the neighborhood when the police started cracking down on the dealers, in no small part as a result of area gentrification? Elimination of the drug dealers with their attendant gangs and junkies is the best thing that has happened to my neighborhood, and this alone has greatly improved the quality of life for long time residents and newcomers alike.”

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