Public transportation rider created litter

All of this snow talk is so annoying! The supermarkets and TV stations love the irrational hype. I hope it does not snow at all.

I have been meaning to post about something that annoys me every single time I go jogging through Baltimore. Near every single bus stop, light rail station, and subway station you can ALWAYS find numerous old public transportation tickets on the ground. Around the first of the month the litter is the worst because everyone seems to like to toss the previous month’s pass on the ground.

Many public transportation riders depend on public transportation to take them from home to work or from home to some other important destination. Since “home” is usually a starting or end point on a journey for some reason these fine riders feel the need to trash their own neighborhoods. I do not understand the logic behind this behavior. There are trash cans all over the place and the tickets do not weigh anything and do not take up much space. There is no need to dispose of the ticket immediately after it becomes valueless. Why trash your own neighborhood?

Fares only fund a fraction of the Baltimore public transportation system. One way tickets are $1.60, but if fares were the only source of funding then one way tickets would cost close to $5. Tax payers fund most of the system. It would be interesting if instead of charging $1.60 for one way printable tickets the MTA charged $3 for one way printable tickets and enabled old tickets to be worth between $1.40 and $1. I doubt anyone would toss their old tickets on the ground if those tickets enabled people to purchase new discounted tickets. You never know in Baltimore though…

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