Baltimore videos from last night

It was a lot wilder than 2001! There were so many more people celebrating in the streets in 2013. I saw the scenes in Hampden and Fells Point and I took some photos and videos that I may eventually upload. I did not film the following videos. In Fells Point there were so many police officers walking the streets. There were also numerous officers riding horses. The police helicopter was circling over Upper Fells Point and issuing commands from its loud speaker. The I-83 south ramp on 29th street most likely closed right after I got on it (a cop appeared to be blocking the ramp with his car and I heard it was closed after I barely made it by the police car getting into position). I-83 North near Guilford Avenue was completely blocked by a car fire and this lead to very long (hour plus) delays in that section of the city around midnight. People were getting out of their cars on President street and dancing. I saw women running into the streets of Fells Point and basically mounting the fronts of random cars. The police temporarily closed off parts of Broadway to foot traffic around 1:30AM so they could force people out of the area. Horns were honking and people were hanging out of cars. I saw about 20 people in the back of a pickup truck on Broadway. I took Orleans (which becomes 40) all the way back to Eutaw without any problems and made it home quickly, safely, and without any traffic delays by about 2AM. See you at the parade on Tuesday!

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  1. I was down in FP too, Meister! Damn, wish we had connected…I was impressed with both the hype-ness and the lack of post-Laker-Championship (or Terp Championship, for that matter…) rioting style. B’more, represent!!!

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