How you can help the Baltimore Spectator

Frank MacArthur has a bail review hearing on Friday at 8:30 AM in the Mitchell Courthouse downtown. If you happen to be free at that time you should attend. If you can not attend then email State’s Attorney Gregg Bernstein ( and tell him that you think MacArthur deserves bail. Many other people in Baltimore’s criminal justice system accused of much worse crimes  receive bail and so should MacArthur.

A Give Forward page has been set up to raise money for MacArthur’s legal fees. It is legitimate. You can view it by clicking here.

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1 Response to How you can help the Baltimore Spectator

  1. Cham says:

    If Darren Ruffin, who had a long criminal history of beating his wife, was released by the court commissioner after he gave his wife a thorough beat down last week, then I don’t see why James MacArthur can’t get a little bail. All Mr. Ruffin had to do was promise court he’d stay away from his wife, he wasn’t required to post any bail (before he went home and stabbed the wife to death in the minutes after his release). James MacArthur, a non-violent person, is far more reputable and trustworthy. The court should put a little faith in him rather than focusing on immediately releasing violent criminals to the city’s streets. The whole process seems inequitable.

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