State Center sealed documents- what is going on?

Ten months have passed since my last State Center article. Tomorrow there is going to be a State Center related hearing so now is a good time for a new a article.

I looked at some of the recent additions to the State Center case file (Circuit Court for Baltimore City – Case Number: 24C10009242) on Case Search and I stumbled upon some interesting information.

It appears that the Maryland Department of General Services and the Maryland Department of Transportation have requested that certain case related documents be sealed. The plaintiffs want these records to be public. I think tomorrow’s hearing will deal with this.

What would the state want sealed? Why should they be able to keep anything from public view when this case deals with the use of large amounts of public money?

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3 Responses to State Center sealed documents- what is going on?

  1. Sarah L. Matthews says:

    Do your thing, Adam. Thanks for true reporting of the facts as they are and not the cover up that some wants.

  2. Rhonda says:

    Are you secretly in love with Frank Conaway? This obsession makes you look bad. It makes people remember the siily incident and forget that you are a journalist.

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