Jailhouse letter from the Baltimore Spectator

This summary is courtesy of Mair @MairZdoatz

“@BaltimoreSpectator says Hi and thanks you for your cards, letters and money orders. He promises to answer each of you personally but mentions 1) an average 10 day delay between when you mail it and he gets it. (He blames the ‘slow boat to Hades’.) and 2) ‘grossly overpriced’ items in the commissary (plus sales tax), and 3) the fact that he is only allowed to ‘order’ from the commissary twice a month and even at that, purchases are limited and then what he orders isn’t delivered for another week. (He traded his lunch for a stamped envelope. to get this message out.) There’s apparently a ‘lag time’ involved with letters getting out of the facility also. Today’s letter was dated December 28th, but not postmarked until January 3rd.

Spec’s is requesting ‘reading material’. Only clippings, photocopies and printouts are allowed. No books, magazines, etc. So anyway, if you’re not into letter writing, even a @Justin_Fenton article would be appreciated 😉

300 East Madison Street
Baltimore, MD 21202

I found this to be ironic, but HE also wishes YOU all a HAPPY NEW YEAR! …..But that’s Spec.”

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