It’s time for the purple political distraction

Membership has its privileges…

Today’s game was great. I’m a big fan so a playoff victory is always going to make me happy, but the game also had a positive financial impact on Baltimore. It probably rivaled 2012’s Grand Prix economic impact yet it did not involve any of the controversy or expenses.

So which local politician is going to be the first one to send out the victory email? Who will try to take the nostalgic route and get all sentimental about Ray Lewis? Since the Ravens will be playing in the swing state of Colorado next week it would not shock me if our governor jumps on the bandwagon and tries to get some free TV time by wildly praising Ray Lewis. You can count on multiple local politicians to jump on the always successful bread and circuses bandwagon in order to distract the ignorant voters (who make up the majority of voters in Baltimore) from reality. Will Rawlings-Blake have a “bet” with the mayor of Denver? I am curious to see what PR stunt our local leaders choose for this week’s always successful playoff football distraction from reality.

How much will our broke city government spend on purple decorations this week? As much money as the “broken” speed/red-light cameras will generate!

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  1. Is it me or did somebody shrink Jack Young’s head?

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