Before the hearing with local goofs Shorty the toilet guy and Tom Kiefaber

The hearing did not go very well for the Spectator today. I will write about it in my next post, but first I want to get the pre-hearing story out of the way so it does not distract from the Baltimore Spectator’s plight.

This morning I ran to the courthouse from my house. When I got to the courthouse I noticed Tom Kiefaber and a group of three or four other people standing in front of the building. I smiled and stopped running. I then felt a person grab/pull my shoulder from behind. I immediately turned around and saw the guy who brought the toilets to the four person pro-Frank Conaway protest that was held in front of my house about a year ago. You can see Shorty the Toilet guy in this video taken in front of my house last year:

I really do not know much about this guy besides the fact that he showed up in front of my house with a toilet and three other people and that he posts all sorts of odd ramblings about the government on Facebook. He seems to want attention and he seems quite unstable, but that does not give him the right to touch me. After he grabbed me for no reason he ran away making odd laugh-like noises. I then started to yell at him and tell him not to touch me and that he had just committed an assault (by law he had). I called him a dog and that I don’t go around frivolously suing people like his buddies. He then got in my face (well not actually directly in my face, they call him shorty for a reason) and we exchanged some more words.  He was full of bravado and made prison references. Typical for an unstable individual. Speaking of unstable individuals… it was around this time that Tom Kiefaber the disgraced former owner of the Senator Theatre came up to us and said that Frank Conaway should have shot me and that some people deserve to be shot. I had some words with him also.  A red-head security guard on a power trip soon came over and said to be quiet and to separate. While some people waited to be given permission to walk inside the courthouse I just walked right in (I still am not clear why some people were just standing there waiting for permission to enter) and proceeded to the hearing room.

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3 Responses to Before the hearing with local goofs Shorty the toilet guy and Tom Kiefaber

  1. Colleen says:

    I was there and saw the whole thing. You were definitely being a drama queen and provoking people. You seemed like you were on some serious street drugs because you were flailing you arms, slurring your words, and generally talking nonsense. Its like you wanted a punch in the face so you could cry to law enforcement. But in the end, you were lucky it didn’t end up the way you were asking for, because you would probably be in the hospital right now.

  2. Adam Meister says:

    I agree with you that I looked like total crap (and my mouth was quite numb from the cold), but judging by your apparent body-mass index I would conclude that you have never run from Reservoir Hill to the courhouse in the freezing cold before and thus are not familiar with how one sounds and appears after partaking in an early morning athletic activity like that. You have an interesting interpretation of the word “provoke”. I am curious how one provokes AFTER he has already been assaulted from behind by a person he does not know. I am also curious to how one provokes after another person (who has a restraining order in another case) has stated that he wished a public official had shot me. I do like how you implied violent consequences for my so-called drama though. It says all we have to really know about little trendy so-called anti-establishmet (which one are you today Anarchist? Communist?) types like you. I am not one to “cry to law enforcement” and file frivolous lawsuits. The toilet guy on the other hand is a man who defends and protests for families who are best known for frivolous lawsuits, of course he does not care who the heck he is protesting for though, as long as his toilet gets him some precious attention he will support any cause. Thanks for the comment. Welcome to the blog!

  3. Sarah says:

    Anyone who personally knows Mr. Meister is going to interpret you slanderous remarks as hostile and ludacris. Adam is a very intelligent pro-active citizen of Baltimore who has never touched a drug his entire life. He is an amazing athlete and is high on LIFE!!!!
    Why can’t you people just go away !!!!!!!!

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