Public agencies are a joke and they need to be eliminated

Last week I read about two disgraceful examples of Baltimore area government waste. These two pitiful situations solidify my strong dislike for our bloated and unnecessary public bureaucracy. Government is a parasite that only wants to grow in order to benefit itself. The people who knowingly benefit from our government’s waste are criminals who live off of the extorted tax money we are forced to give up in order to fund these bloated organizations that we do not need. We should not be forced to support these losers.

The totally unnecessary “Maryland Health Benefit Exchange” bureaucratic organization just signed a lease to move to one of the most expensive office buildings in the Baltimore region. For the next five years this sickening organization and the leeches who work there will be located at 750 E. Pratt St.  We (the extorted tax payers) will be forced to fund their unnecessary luxury.

You need to read this story about a fat lazy social security worker in order to believe it.  This scum of the earth who could never get a real job in the private sector spends his days passing gas at work instead of doing anything remotely productive. His disgusting union defends his actions and he probably will try to steal some sort of financial settlement from the tax payers who are forced into funding the useless and bankrupt social security administration where he supposedly “works”.

If you are one of those people who have orgasms when your political party wins like it is some sort of sport then you are part of the problem. You are tool that helps spread the government’s tyranny over us. When they win you actually lose, but you are so brainwashed and have such a desire to be part of the “winning team” that you eagerly fund your own rape. You are the enabler that makes the government waste examples that I mentioned in this article possible.  The government is the problem, it is not the solution. You should dislike the government for it is the cause of most of our problems.

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