Update on the Baltimore Spectator/James MacArthur situation

My friend and fellow blogger James MacArthur is still in prison after his legendary police standoff which can still be heard on his page.

The Maryland case search lists January 4, 2013 as the day of MacArthur’s preliminary hearing on the gun charges filed against him. Justin Fenton reports that if MacArthur is convicted of the gun crime then he faces a minimum of five years in prison. Police found a gun in his house when they broke into it after his standoff with them.

I will be at that hearing to support my friend. I hope many of you join me there. If the date or situation changes I will update all of you on this blog. It still boggles my mind that a good man like James is facing many years in prison while drug dealers continually rape our city on a daily basis and barely spend any time in jail. Open lawlessness seems to be permitted in Baltimore while having a gun in your house seems to be a big no-no especially if you have made yourself into a minor celebrity.

The Sun published another article about the situation this weekend.

Stephen Janis and Jill Carter gave their opinions about the situation here.  Jill Carter is not MacArthur’s lawyer, but she clearly empathizes with him.

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6 Responses to Update on the Baltimore Spectator/James MacArthur situation

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  2. Dave Robinette says:

    James is unlikely to be subjected to the mandatory minimum law, as long as he has a lawyer. It almost always is waived as part of a plea negotiation. Most Maryland judges hate the mandatory minimum sentencing laws. I would like to attend the hearing but I live in Florida now. He and I are Twitter friends.

  3. Eeinna says:

    Crazy right, but you are talking about a city that has a Superintendent/CEO of schools believes the money allocated for the schools is actually better spent on Vegas trips and expensive luncheons, office decorating, retreats, etc….at the finest restaurants, hotels, and rooms..and of course his personal driver who earned 250,000 dollars last year! You think they want a conscious brother dropping logic, and consciousness? Um..no. I wish he had hidden the damn guns in the floor boards or had someone come get them when they said they had a warrant for him. I wish he would admit that they were not his.

  4. Charlie says:

    According to md jud case search, a petition for writ of Habeas corpus has been filed and a hearing to reconsider Mcarthurs release will likely be next week
    Court System: Circuit Court for Baltimore City – Civil System
    Case Number: 24H12000381

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