The childish techniques of Question 7 supporters

On Sunday morning I ran on Reisterstown road in the city and I noticed numerous pro-question 7 flyers on the ground. They were scattered all the way from near Druid Hill Park to close to the county line. It was pretty obvious that the pro-question 7 people had been walking the length of Reisterstown road giving out flyers (and not really caring if they landed in the street or the sidewalk) recently.

One version of the flyer that I saw had a photo of Stephanie Rawlings-Blake on it and pitted Maryland against West Virginia. This Maryland vs. West Virginia theme is quite a simplification of the issue. They are making it like Ravens vs. Steelers where you better support the home team. It is a shame that this type of of childish simplification appeals to many voters.

The second flyer I saw said to support Questions 4,5,6, and 7. It was an establishment ticket and once again it simplifies things for the voter. Just vote yes on all these numbers and everything will be fine. No need to understand each one, if you support one then you must support the other. This kind of thinking unfortunately plays out quite a bit in Baltimore.

No need to talk about gambling when talking about a gambling issue!

Both flyers were paid for by: “Maryland First NOW-Vote Yes On 7, Inc; M. H. Jim Estepp, Treasurer

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