Question K will decrease primary election turnout

I encourage all of you to read my original article about the dangers of Question K. One issue that I did not fully address in my original article is the question of voter turnout for future primary elections in Baltimore. Supporters of Question K say that if local elections are moved to presidential election years then voter turnout will increase. Voter turnout will increase for general elections, but not for the very important local primary elections.

Baltimore is basically a one party town and thus the local democratic primary election decides who will run this city. This link shows that in the 2011 local primary election that 76,250 people voted for mayor of Baltimore.  This link shows that in the 2012 presidential primary election in Baltimore that only 47,861 people voted! Why should 2015/2016, 2019/2020, or any future date be any different?

The simple solution to all of this is to VOTE AGAINST QUESTION K ON TUESDAY and force our elected officials to do the right thing and align local and state elections in 2014 or 2018.  Our local leaders do not deserve an extra year in office and easier ways to keep their strong grasps on the offices they occupy.

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1 Response to Question K will decrease primary election turnout

  1. Ian Logsdon says:

    Well, for a start, because there weren’t any seriously contested presidential, congressional, or senate races in the city? That would be why turnout was low. Undeserving they may be, but I’m definitely voting for K and would urge everyone to, because running elections in off years has thus far accomplished nothing to spur turnout. Oh, and because I hate when people send me unsolicited emails.

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