Illegal immigration themed TV ad debuts in Baltimore- Is this related to Question 4?

Last night at 6:29 I was waiting for the national news to come on channel 2 when a commercial caught my eye. Here is what I saw:

I was surprised and I thought that this was some indirect attempt to get people to vote against Question 4 (the Maryland In-State Tuition Referendum) in November.

Today I found this press release that reveals that the ad I saw was targeting the Baltimore market (I knew it was not national). The press release does not mention Question 4.

I still think this is more than a coincidence. Other than our mayor going out of her way to make Baltimore appear Hispanic immigrant friendly so she can dominate the Hispanic vote when she runs for higher office, we rarely hear much about illegal immigration in the Baltimore region. The biggest immigration related subject that we have been exposed to on a regular basis is Question 4. If there was no Question 4 I do not think this ad would be running in Baltimore.

NumbersUSA paid for the ad.

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