Not another liquor store near North Monroe street

I was happy to see Councilman Nick Mosby post this link on his Facebook page. It appears that a new liquor store wants to join the numerous others in West Baltimore near the 1500 block of Monroe. Councilman Mosby and some proactive community members are against this addition and have joined together to create and promote this petition.

A petition and an organized effort at the liquor board hearing are great ways to attempt to prevent this liquor store from opening. The community also needs to step back and think about why an entrepreneur is confident enough to want to open the 13th liquor store in the six block radius that surrounds the potential store! There clearly are an incredible amount of potential customers. The best way to stop liquor stores from opening is to stop drinking so much and to proactively get rid of the flow of drug dealers and users who use the areas inside and around these stores as bases of operations. If the drug traffic goes down and the people drink less (and are more healthy) then it will not be profitable for so many stores to be so so close to one another and some will disappear.

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