I found a vote no on Question 6 flyer on Eutaw Place

Yesterday when I was running up on Eutaw Place on the Bolton Hill side of North Avenue I saw a mildly crumpled piece of paper on the ground that resembled a political flyer. I have found political flyers on this same stretch of sidewalk in the past so I decided to pick it up. I was kind of surprised to see that it was a minority-targeted political flyer encouraging black people to vote against Question 6. Here are some direct quotes from the flyer:


“My Mommy is my Daddy & my Daddy is my Mommy. So, who is my Aunt?”

“Vote NO- Do not allow Gay Same-Sex Marriage. Vote NO to question 6”

“Save the Children!”

“DEFEAT Gay Marriage Same-Sex Marriage Marriage Equality”

http://www.jumpthebroomformarriages.org was referenced on the flyer and it pretty much is just an expansion of the flyer. A group called “The Committee for Jump the Broom for Marriages” paid for the flyer.

I found this flyer to be an interesting peek into the socially conservative branch of the Democratic party which in Baltimore compromises a larger part of the black voting population than most people realize.

From the site:

“Jump the Broom for Marriages is the vision of a group of individuals who are working together to uphold the institution of marriage between one man and one woman. We are working to restore and strengthen African American families and communities.”

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1 Response to I found a vote no on Question 6 flyer on Eutaw Place

  1. Marcie says:

    Ooh please scan it in… I see somebody’s spending NOM’s money on something (http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2012/07/you-cant-equate-your-sin-my-skin)

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