A normal delegate on the streets of Ashburton and a Downtown Partnership report

Yesterday I ran to the Aldi supermarket to pickup some sardines (Aldi has the cheapest sardines in town at 89 cents). When I was running out of the parking lot a man in a car pulled up to me and said my name. It was Delegate Shawn Tarrant! It was great to see a delegate out and about in the community where he really lives. Many of you may remember the last time I ran into a politician in the Ashburton area during one of my Aldi runs things turned out a little differently. Check out Delegate Tarrant’s web site here.  It is nice to know that at least one of the 40th  district delegates is sane and lives in the 40th district.

In totally unrelated news, I stumbled upon this Downtown Partnership report the other day. Take a peek at it.  It discusses “market rate housing demand in downtwon Baltimore and adjacent neighborhoods”.

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3 Responses to A normal delegate on the streets of Ashburton and a Downtown Partnership report

  1. Daren says:

    With all due respect Adam, just because Tarrant was on an Aldis parking lot in his district does not make him a quality delegate. A quality delegate would ADD something to the mix. Tarrant with all his O’Malley, Busch, brown nosing and bending over adds nothing except another vote for their agenda no matter what the cost to the city or to his community. Ashburton would be better off bringing Tarrant home so he can hang out their all the time. Tarrant is a clown & machine puppet. Nothing more, nothig less.

    • Adam Meister says:

      Where did I say he was a quality delegate? I think he is a normal guy and that he really lives in the area unlike other politicians who claim to live in the area. I would rather have a normal sane individual than wackos from an entrenched political family that does not even live in the area.

  2. daren says:

    It’s sad standards are so low. I want strong intelligent independent thinking & acting elected representation. Nice if they live in district more important they serve the people of the district. As an Omalleyite, Tarrant is worthless to his district and he is far from alone.

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