Al Jazeera reinforces the bogus Baltimore culture of blame and the city allows 92Q to sponsor public school events

The two subject matters referenced in the title of this post are related. Originally this post was going to be two separate posts, but I felt the need to combine them. 92Q is one of the forces that helps glorify the antisocial behavior and the decrepit culture of dependency and illegality that Al Jazeera glosses over in its documentary about Baltimore.

I received a full page color promotion in my door the other day that notified me of “Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake’s Annual Back To School Rally” at city school headquarters on North Avenue. The rally will take place today from 3PM to 7PM. At the rally there will be music, performances, and you can “Get Free Immunizations and School Supplies”. The logos of Baltimore City Public Schools and 92QJAMS are located side by side on the bottom right-hand corner of the promotion. It is pathetic that the City School system feels that it is morally acceptable to partner with 92Q. You can check out two older posts of mine that cover the drug culture glorification that 92Q spews out here and here. Below are some quotes from my old articles:

“Last night I was driving in my car at 9:05PM. I was looking for music on the radio and I stumbled upon 92Q FM. The DJ was yelling about the “Hooligan Express”. This apparently was the name of the segment or show that I had stumbled upon.

The DJ was playing music and on occasion he would shout out words over the music. He was basically giving shout outs to notorious drug dealing hangouts. He specifically mentioned “Whitelock City… Murder Mall”. This is a direct reference to the part of Reservoir Hill where I live. “Whitelock City” originally was the nickname of the shopping district on Whitelock street that was torn down in the mid-1990’s because of drug infestation. The name is now synonymous with a gang. You can see “W.L.C.” spray-painted on empty buildings throughout Reservoir Hill and nearby neighborhoods. “Murder Mall” is a name used to describe Whitelock City and the Madison Park North Housing project on North Avenue.

It is absolutely pathetic and irresponsible for 92Q to allow their DJ’s to glorify “Whitelock City… Murder Mall” especially since a man was just murdered in the same area just a week ago. It is also important to remember that the physical structures that made up the original Whitelock City no longer exist and partially because of this the area has greatly improved. By glorifying “Whitelock City” 92Q helps reinforce the stereotype about the area.”

“I saw a kid who was at most ten years old walking quickly down the alley. He would randomly stop and then start to walk again. When he got close to my backyard I saw him bend down and spray paint a metal garbage can top. He then saw me and sprinted out of the alley. I walked up the alley to see what he had done. “W.L.C.” was clearly spray painted on the garbage can top, on the pavement, and on some ivy growing on the side of a garage. “W.L.C.” stands for “Whitelock City” which happens to be the exact term the DJ on 92Q was shouting”

The drug culture (which only leads to death and destruction) is already glorified by too many people on the streets and this glorification is made legitimate when a radio station blasts the same kind of deadly propaganda.  Then our school system partners with this radio station.  People need to wake up and take responsibility for their actions. Al Jazeera interviewed people who made it seem like the drug culture was forced upon the poor people of Baltimore by some dark conspiracy oriented force. They failed to address the fact that people do not have to sell drugs, kill each other, commit crimes, and act in anti-social ways. The government provides all sorts of benefits and programs for people who are down on their luck, or poor, or fatherless. Al Jazeera made it seem like poor people in Baltimore were helpless ignored creatures who were not offered any way out of their current circumstances This is not true. Non-profits and government programs fund and create jobs for huge segments of Baltimore. If you have a free house, a free lunch, free schools, free after-school programs, food stamps, and free condoms then why do you have to blame others for the illegal choices you made? If you do something violently anti-social then you should goto jail and others in your community should freely want to turn you in and get you off the streets. Right now in Baltimore there are numerous anti-social crime committing machines walking our streets who know how to work the system and get away with crime after crime. Al Jazeera fails to mention this.

The Al Jazeera piece was the same tired old simplified story that has been guilted upon the masses for years. For the people who live in the middle of this mess like me this kind of program seems like a sick joke. We see the people straight up selling drugs in the middle of the street, the complete disrespect for anything that resembles generally acceptable normal behavior, and the general irresponsible mindless ramblings and behavior that makes up the glorified drug culture of death. I still believe people can make up their minds, they don’t have to be followers of death cults.

At the 7:57 mark in the Al Jazeera piece the man being interviewed says “There has always been a recession in this community”.  Al Jazeera fails to mention what community they are walking in, but  a few seconds later (8:45) you see a brief clip of a Burger King. This is the corner of Reisterstown road and Cold Spring lane in Northwest Baltimore. I run by here sometimes when I goto the Aldi located nearby. This area HAS NOT always been in a recession, in fact quite a lot of successful people grew up near here in the first half of the 1900’s and there were many thriving businesses nearby. Every single one of my grandparents lived relatively close to this corner at one point in their lives. The area was filled with Jewish immigrants and the children of Jewish immigrants who attended Baltimore City public schools and became successes in every field imaginable. They did not have to sell drugs, or blame others for their problems, or kill, or play with guns. Al Jazeera portrays the area as some eternal wasteland that has always swallowed up all of its inhabitants and lead them to anti-social behavior. In reality the past is just an inconvenient story that the complainers of Baltimore choose to avoid. If leaders stopped avoiding the inconvenient truth of the past then they would finally have to act and answer questions instead of sit on their butts and blame others. In the old days anti-social behaviors were stomped out by real leaders instead of being rewarded, glorified, and encouraged like they are in the modern era by our spineless partnering with 92Q leaders.

I have heard that Al Jazeera is about telling the other side of the story, well in this case they just spat out the same enabling attitude that continues to wreck this city. Now if you want the other side of the story, if you want to hear from people who have to live through the anarchy then check this out on Wednesday:

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