Comptroller Franchot and I agree on slots

Check out this slots article from today’ Baltimore Business Journal.

“It should not be ignored, Franchot said, that there is a “very real possibility” three casinos within an hour’s drive of another would “cannibalize” the venues and “jeopardize the viability of state’s entire” casino program.”

Franchot comments sound a lot like my article from Monday and he even uses the same “cannibalize” term that I used on the Bmore Local Facebook page on Monday. This is what I said there:

“The Harford county location is already hurting because of a similar establishment down I-95 in AA county. Now imagine if we have similar table games/slots establishments in Harford, AA county, and in between (just 12 miles from the AA county one) in Baltimore City. You can be certain that the AA county one and the Baltimore city one will cannibalize one another. Then imagine they build a 4th one right down the road in PG county. There are only so many old people, gamblers, money launderers, and addicts in central and northeastern Maryland who will be willing to gamble at ONE of these facilities. The market is already saturated and the city one is not even open.”

I understand that Franchot is blasting slots because this is the issue he plans to use to attack Brown/Rawlings-Bla…. I mean Brown during the 2014 election for Governor. Just because Franchot will be using this as his own promotional gimmick does not mean that its foundation is flawed. I feel it is the correct opinion to have.

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