At 1:30pm an HABC SUV was in the the drive-through line at Burger King

While we are told to worry about toilet paper with the mayor’s face on it our unaudited bureaucrats continue to do little work and waste lots of taxpayer money. While I was running by the Burger King in Druid Heights on North Avenue at 1:30pm on Tuesday I saw an HABC (Housing Authority of Baltimore City) SUV idling in the drive-through line. Was the esteemed HABC employee on his lunch break or did he just feel like he needed a Burger King break? Why couldn’t the HABC employee get off his lazy butt and walk into the Burger King to get his artery hardening treat? At least by the time he will need his triple bypass Baltimore will have long ago declared bankruptcy and tax payers probably will no longer be paying for retired bureaucrats health costs. The license plate on the HABC SUV contained the following numbers: 88994. I did not catch the letters.

Such wasteful behavior is just a sign of bigger problems. I doubt this guy gets much work accomplished and probably cuts out of work early on a regular basis. His manager probably is inefficient also. Who knows though? Baltimore does not have audits that could mathematically reveal all sorts of related inefficiencies. The city bureaucracy lacks oversight on so many different levels.

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4 Responses to At 1:30pm an HABC SUV was in the the drive-through line at Burger King

  1. Keisha A. says:

    As much as I hate seeing any branch of government employees loafing around on our expense, this story is not newsworthy without a duration of time the employee spent at Burger King. As lazy as many city employees are, especially HABC, I do not see what is so unusual about being at Burger King at 1:30pm. Would you have felt better if he was Whole Foods or Eddie’s of Roland Park? Do you believe the city’s Code of Conduct (there’s a joke in this sentence somewhere) was broken? If not, you could have city waste, auditing, or poor food choices in Baltimore City.

  2. Adam Meister says:

    He is wasting so much gas by letting his gas guzzling vehicle idle. Meter maids do a similar thing when they are giving out tickets by foot, but they leave their cars running with the AC blasting so it will be cool when they come back in. It all ads up and I would love to how much we are paying for gas for cars with drivers who clearly have no incentive to conserve costly fuel.

    There is no good reason why a government worker should be using a government vehicle to pick up food. He should pack a lunch in the morning. He is wasting OUR TIME by driving around for fast food.

  3. Pollyanna says:

    Reading an article about the firing of Sandra E. Baker @ Environmental Control Board, the thread lead me off goals. I happened upon your YouTube videos. The first few topics piqued my interest for more…. However, reading your take on this HABC SUV concerns me.
    While, I understand that several pet peeves could have culminated in that scene of the idling car, please consider:
    1) As virtuous as you & I may find it, not everyone agrees that they should pack their lunch.
    2) The HABC staff member did not necessarily drive out of their way to get to that Burger King.
    3) Yes, idling a few minutes in line is wasteful. However, relative to Sandra Baker’s waste it is so petty as to cause me to question your objectivity.
    4) The lower level employees are very likely trying to preform their duties responsibly. Anger at the waste due to disorganization, lack of leadership, possible corruption, of bureaucracy should not be taken out on the individual worker.
    5) Giving the benefit of the doubt until more details are known goes a long way to elevating your own reporting. It’s possible that it had been a packed morning for this worker & the first chance they’d had to sit & take a break was 1:30pm.

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