Perryville casino problems are a sign of bigger issues that I predicted in 2009

The following headline speaks volumes, but it is only the tip of the iceberg.

Perryville casino asking state to take back 400-500 slot machines, citing lost business

Make sure you read that article.

In 2009 and 2010 I wrote the following articles:

Proposed slots locations are only 12 miles apart:
“The proposed Baltimore city slots parlor is located only a quick 12 mile drive up 295 from the proposed Arundel Mills slots parlor. These two businesses will be in direct competition with each other. How do you think that is going to work out?”

Expect no bids for the Baltimore slots license until the Arundel Mills situation is resolved:

“No sane business person will take a chance on legitimately bidding on the Baltimore slots license when the possibility of a lesser taxed competitor exists only twelve miles down the road. Slots at Arundel Mills will kill the the Baltimore slots plan. The city will have to pick a new location, drop the tax rate, offer financial incentives, or do a combination of all three in order for an entity to feel confident about making a profit off of slots in Baltimore. “

Lame slots barns located right up I-95 from one another are going to directly compete against each other and slice up the potential gambler market into small pieces that will hurt business.  This gives the casino owners a great excuse to ask for full gambling. How convenient. Even if they turn into three full casinos they will still be competing against one another and they still will want more subsidies to prevent them from going under. Meanwhile some of our leaders think a fourth slots barn/casino in Maryland along the I-95 corridor is the answer. Our running for president in 2016 governor wants to spend money on a special general assembly session to discuss this brilliant solution.

This mess was so predictable. It’s for the children though! Right? Little Penn National, cute MGM, and precious Caesars are going to make out just fine.


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