Baltimore homeowner occupants need to worry about a new potential bureaucracy funding action

Councilman Bill Henry informs us that Baltimore’s rear address requirement may soon be enforced again. I understand why posting your address in a visible part of your backyard is important, but I fear we are going to end up with a classic Baltimore dichotomy.  Homeowners occupants are going to scramble to avoid backyard fines from nit-picky meter-maids while vacant house owners and absentee owners go about their daily business unafraid of any consequences while their backyards continue to be trashed and used as dumping grounds/hiding places for all sorts of anti-social behavior. I hope the city makes some sort of official announcement if this type of enforcement begins.

I have stumbled upon some new information about a few local political names that readers of this blog love to read about. Stay tuned for some new classic Meister style posts! It’s a shame that the local mainstream local media overlooks so much.

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