Some Baltimore City Council members skip important votes

Baltimore’s city council is scheduled to meet twenty-six times in 2012 The total includes twelve “luncheons” where I assume no voting takes place (you better believe they show up for the taxpayer funded food). Members of the council only have to show up fourteen times a year at their part times jobs where they are paid over $58,000 a year by tax payers if they want to represent their constituents and vote on every bill.  Why do we still have council-members who no-show for important votes? Read this great Baltimore Brew article about the recent watering down of the audit bill.

“Three Council members were absent – Helen Holton, Sharon Green Middleton and Rochelle “Rikki” Spector.”

Rikki (I have been on City Council for over 35 years) Spector, Helen (At least I did not end up like Dixon) Holton, and Sharon Green (I was originally given this seat by the council because my husband is a union dictator) Middleton all should be ashamed. Every single thing they touch related to Baltimore should be audited.

Councilmembers should be required to be at every vote and if they no-show without a doctor’s note they should lose $5000 pay.

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