An illegal dirt bike story

This story was forwarded to me yesterday:
“Hello all,
EVERY Sunday night at approx. 7P.M. on the dot……huge groups of dirt bikes, A.T.V.’s, etc….come roaring through Carroll Park down Washington Boulevard.
This is nothing new I understand BUT it is out of control & dangerous.
Last night we had guests who had to get to BWI airport. As soon as we loaded them up & was proceeding East on Washington Blvd. heading to MLK/Russell Street we were SURROUNDED by approx. 4 A.T.V’s & 50 illegal dirt bikes driving in BOTH LANES, up on the sidewalks, through crowds of pedestrians, popping wheelies… was so frightening. Several of them slammed their fists onto our Jeep & screamed RACIAL slurs at us!!!
Hmmmmm…..if this was the other way around boy o’ boy this would be front page headlines!
My guests were MORTIFIED!

This is unfair to be held hostage IN our neighborhood every Sunday night.
This issue is getting worse by the week.
They come through Carroll Park…………….why can’t you set a trap & nab them there before they kill another innocent motorist or pedestrian.
A couple weeks back a dirt bike rider hit a child, which was severely injured & sped off.
They have MORE “rights” than we, the taxpaying homeowner’s do!

XXX Washington Blvd. (@ S. XXXX Street)

please come & videotape from MY roof……it is an amazing view of the park, the entire length of the Boulevard! This must be stopped!”

Meanwhile our city council leaders bumble around and make it look like they are trying. Talk is cheap though:

Same old same old in Baltimore…

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