Tom Kiefaber’s house is scheduled to be sold at a foreclosure auction on Thursday

The house of Tom Kiefaber (the former owner of the Senator Theatre) is up for foreclosure auction on Thursday.

Kiefaber wrote the following email to State Senator Joan Carter Conway this morning:

Dear Senator Conway, Well here we are, the final day before The State of Maryland DHCD breaks its promises to me & the public & auctions my principle residence home, using a 13 year-old DHCD note, which democratic operative Ellen Janes & Robert C. Embry at Abell got me roped into in the 90’s. The State never tried to resolve this dispute with the City, over the State’s Senator Theatre equipment lien, though you are well aware that the replacement cost of the theater’s projection & sound equipment exceeds the DHCD’s note value being utilized as a stealth ruse to auction my home on May 24th, through a small shill law firm.

A terrible miscommunication process is playing out between our city & state, Senator Conway, as both know well. We both also know that in past years an awful injustice has taking place that’s been destroying me & my family as well, after several decades of hard work, risk, community service & great personal sacrifice. For over 72 years, Senator, my immediate family contributed greatly on a daily basis, to the very same business & residential communities you’ve represented for decades.

I’ve reached out repeatedly to you as the single elected official in the middle of all this, my liaison to DHCD, who knows it’s morally and legally wrong as well. You should be doing the right thing Senator conway & supporting some endgame justice for me and my family in this matter.

Yet, your silence is deafening.

Sincerely, Tom Kiefaber

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4 Responses to Tom Kiefaber’s house is scheduled to be sold at a foreclosure auction on Thursday

  1. Max Genus says:

    So this is how a small business owner who was an active community participant (annual food drives, children’s halloween celebrations, etc.) and brought international recognition to an historic Baltimore City landmark is rewarded by those in power? Yes, the Senator Theatre fell hard during the economic downturn, but the city got that property (in its own foreclosure auction) and they and the state split two properties nearby. I understood that officials promised to leave the last roof over his head as long as he agreed not to oppose the theatre’s auction, which he did. So, they’ve now decided that was not enough? Is the character assasination incomplete until they make him join the homeless?

    • Tim Bollinger says:

      I have know Tom for 50yrs we grow up together I think what is happening is so typical of gov’t to cover their butt obviously there is something has failed with the relationship with the new owner and our gov’t the Senator is closed .It is my understanding Tom was promised his residence was not in jeopardy but our gov’t has I guess decided since they have lost their possible tax from the now closed Senator they will cut their costs by taking Toms house shame on them!!! Tim Bollinger

  2. What’s the whole story? I don’t doubt the veracity of Tom’s story, but I’d like to see the details before firing off letters on his behalf….

  3. Gayle says:

    To THIS DAY, I STILL hear folks saying, “Well they DID let him keep his home after all!” It’s extremely frustrating to see that the general public has been LIED TO by our city leaders (specifically in this instanct, former Deputy Mayor Andrew Frank) and the general public not only ate it up and swallowed it, but actually STILL don’t get that they’ve been lied to, even NOW. It is well documented in a number of articles that the city was providing him with this deal. NOW that they have proceeded with taking his home (going back on their agreement/word) WHERE ARE THE ARTICLES DOCUMENTING THIS CURRENT MANUEUVER?

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