I predicted the 7% sales tax three years ago

Our governor brought up the possibility of a 7% sales tax in Maryland. The Sun covers the story here. Most of the comments left under the article are not in favor of the increase. Many people seemed shocked. I wonder if these are some of the same people who in 2008 criticized me for bringing up the possibility of a sales tax increase to pay for our out of control spending (check out some of the comments left under that article)?

Three years ago in this article I warned all of you that a 7% sales tax was very possible in the future. It appears we are getting very close to the future. There are two paths we can take, we can either cut spending and have state workers, people dependent on the state, and state pensioners “suffer” or we can continue to spend and waste and the tax payers can keep paying for it with new fees and tax increases. No matter what, the longer we wait to address the real issues (government spending and waste)the bigger the crash will be when things finally do blow up in our faces.

Our leaders pretend like this was not predictable. How did I predict it then? A 7% sales tax is a radical “solution” that all of us need to protest.  We can not allow our leaders to keep getting away with these irresponsible acts. They see that they can keep creating higher taxes and fees with little protest and lots of job security. They saw that if an 8.25% sales tax rate was possible in California that a 7% rate was possible here so now they are testing the waters. If the governor can get this passed with little to no protest from the people then he can get just about any tax hike passed. I can not even guess what the next tax hike or fee will be if this one becomes a reality. Any delegate or senator who supports this travesty needs to be remembered and voted out in 2014.

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Baltimore politics. The views of Adam Meister.
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