State Center supporters attempt to change the rules of the game and screw the citizens of Maryland

Read this article for more information.

No matter how you feel about the State Center development the current situation should scare you. Our elected officials in the house of delegates have decided that if they do not like the way a court case is progressing that they can make up a law that will retroactively nullify that court case and allow a process that will financially benefit the politically connected ( a process with very little transparency) to proceed.  They are basically saying that if you don’t like our corrupt process and you try to sue us that we will circumvent your lawsuit by making up our own unconstitutional law.

This is indeed a sad and embarrassing day for the state of Maryland and the taxpayers of this once great state.  It is no wonder that our state received a “D-” grade on its “Corruption Risk Report Card”.

This is a huge story that should be all over the news.

You can hear some of the intense house floor debate about this issue here.

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