Frank Conaway’s radio hours add up

Every Friday from 10AM until noon Clerk of the Circuit Court Frank Conaway Sr. hosts a radio show on WOLB 1010AM. Conaway is paid around $98,000 a year by the taxpayers to serve as Clerk of the Circuit Court yet he somehow is able to take at least 2 hours off of work every Friday to host his ridiculous radio show. Here are the raw numbers behind Conaway’s arrogance:

Two hours a week for fifty weeks= 100 hours= Two and a half work weeks on the radio when he should be working. This does not take into account the travel time to get to the radio station or the documented fact that Conaway is sometimes at his Liberty Heights house at 10:30AM on Mondays.

There are 52 weeks in a year and 40 hours in a work week= 2080 hours in a work year. If Conaway is on the air for 100 hours a year then that is the equivalent of 4.8% of the work year. 4.8% of 98,000= $4,704.  If Conaway is not officially taking off (using vacation time etc..) during those 100 hours a year then he is wasting at least $4,700 of our money a year.

What does this man do all day? Does he really do any work? The arrogance of this so-called public servant is astounding. What would happen if a municipal building worker was found to be spending 4.8% of his yearly work hours on a radio show?

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  1. aaron wilkes says:

    none of your ignorant racist business adam meister

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